Saturday 9 July 2016

"Is this what you wanted?"

As i embarked on a applying a version of Self-directed learning in my classroom. One major issue surfaced, time and time again.

  "is this what you wanted? is this good enough?"

I learned very quickly that my explanations of expectations were lacking and that this was a school dynamic most were not used to.  I really had to step up the level of communication and checking in with my students.  Frustration levels can spike and spread like wildfire among the students if the right amount of feedback and encouragement isn't given.  Unless the students really take hold of the idea of figuring out a problem on their own, instead of the learned helplessness reflex, frustration will exist.

It was very interesting to experience and reflect on what I had read vs. what I assumed about self directed learning.  The feedback was very time consuming.  The preparation was very time consuming, but in the end it was a very successful technique.